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The company was founded in 2007 by Dr. Marcel Bilow, Dr. Tillman Klein and Dr. Ulrich Knaack, focusing on façade technology and innovation. The company was involved in internationally awarded projects such as SSK Ludwigshafen (ZeroFootprint award 2010); Solarlux Headquarter NL – Nieverdal; House of the Future – Chicago / Behnisch Architects LA; HKW lecture Hall – Aachen / IPArch (ZeroFootprint award 2010), Rokossowski Boulevard – Moscow / RKW Architekten Düsseldorf; InHollang Hoogeschool – Delft / Rietveld Architects NY; OCCA building systems – Istanbul / Galpan Istanbul; Kolon KEEPER – Soul / SUH Architects Soul (Red Dot: Best of the best 2014), Amvest Headquarter Amsterdam - Rietveld Architects NY. 

Besides their activities in the field of consultancy the founders were active as researchers / docents in several universities (TU Delft, TU München, HS OWL, TU Darmstadt, IT Istanbul, Penn State University, Washington University Saint Louis, amongst others). Since the founders aim at pushing these parallel activities into the foreground of their work the consultancy company was closed in 2015. After eight great years of designing building envelopes together, we now happily move our research and education related activities at TUDelft, TU Darmstadt and TU Munich forward. We will see you there….






imagine envelope 

Marcel Bilow

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